Where do Plastic Water Bottles go when we are Done with Them?


Very few water bottles are actually recycled – maybe 25% – and that seems high. Everywhere I go, I look for recycle containers, just because I am interested. I’ve been seeing more and more in public places, like offices and airports, but I don’t see them in a lot of other places. They would be especially useful at sporting events where people drink huge amounts of bottled water and then just throw them out.

So…where do they go?

They wind up in lakes, streams, oceans, other countries and inside an increasing number of living organisms.

I always remind myself that every time we choose our own reusable glass or aluminum water bottle and fill it from our own home-filtered water, we save ourselves some money and spare the environment another pile of plastic. Imagine if everyone did the same.

Some people are doing a LOT! Jack Johnson, popular recording artist and well known environmental activist, takes his commitment on the road with him.

Check it out here: https://jackjohnsonmusic.com/greening/2017