What Happened to all of the Food?


Yum yum yum!!! Look at all of that good food!

But how much can we actually eat? And how much goes to waste? What is the cumulative cost of that waste? This might be eye-opening…

25 – 30% of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year goes wasted.

EFAA-Donut-GuiltyWhoa! Seriously?

Yes. In the USA, organic waste is the second highest component of landfills. That’s more than plastic, paper, metal and glass combined. On top of that, organic waste decomposes, which releases methane gas, which is more harmful to the environment than even carbon dioxide.
As a result, the volume of methane gas produced by the amount of food wasted contributes directly to global warming and climate change.
Wasting food also squanders resources, like water, land, energy labor and money. Every farm requires labor to prepare the soil for planting, machinery to maintain crops, lots of water for the crops to grow (more on that in week #3), pesticides and fertilizer. Additionally, the changes in land use patterns can be disruptive to all of the other creatures that live in or migrate through those areas. Then, there’s everything that goes into packaging, transportation and storage, as well as the energy and labor required to maintain stores and markets.

Of course, there are also the wrappings, bags and boxes that protect the food, then go into the trash and right back into the environment!

And then we waste a third of it all???

comic0217Comic: courtesy Niki Parker

Think about that. And watch this: