These Little Steps Help the Big Picture


This week I want to share a photo roundup of little things I have noticed in my wanderings. I take these as signs of awareness and encouragement. They are little things, but little things add up to big things if more people join in…

I was pleased to see this compostable take out container given to me at a restaurant in Annapolis, Md. I am always conflicted about carry out food, as I am loathe to add to the earth’s trash for a few minutes of my dining pleasure. But a compostable container! Yes…convenience and mindfulness at the same time. Good for the restaurant, the consumer and the planet.


Here is a safer drain cleaner, found in the cleaning isle of Whole Foods. Cleaning products are a huge source of toxic load for our waterways, as well as our personal home environment. If we can have a clean, healthy home AND a cleaner, healthier planet…hey, that sounds like a good idea to me!

Here are pictures of a water refilling station at the BWI airport in Maryland. You can’t bring water past security, but you can bring your empty re-usable water container and fill it up with nice, cool filtered water. Each time someone chooses to re-fill their own heavy duty water bottle, that’s one less plastic bottle left on a roadside, floating in the ocean, or sitting in a landfill forever.


I was pleased to see these recycle bins at a gift shop/dive shop in Cancun, Mexico. I wish they were everywhere. Makes so much sense, especially in places where people move quickly and generate a lot of disposable material.


And here is biodegradable sunscreen! I found this at the same gift shop and yes, it is available on Amazon. Sunscreens worn by all of us ocean swimmers are very toxic to reefs and fish. There are a lot of us, and our reefs are in big trouble. This is a simple step we can take to protect ourselves while protecting our aquatic environment.


And finally, hotels are in on the need to pay attention to the use of natural resources. Every wash cycle puts detergents and Clorox into the water supply and simply uses a lot of water. Heating water costs a lot in electricity, machinery, man power and more. Hotels host a lot of people, so anything they can do to conserve helps lesson their environmental impact and their bottom line.

This is a monarch butterfly caterpillar happily munching on a milkweed plant found in a yard in Maryland. This well fed little one will hopefully grow into a happily migrating monarch. The butterfly population has been dwindling in recent years, due in large part to removal of their food sources.

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