Friday, January 18, 2019
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The Power of One


How long does a plastic bag stay in the environment? Every ONE stays for thousands of years. Maybe forever. Multiply that by billions. All used by individuals like you and me. ONE at a time. It adds up!

How long is every ONE of those plastic bags in use? A few minutes…an hour…maybe a day….

How cool does it look to be carrying around plastic bags? Not very!

Easy solution? Re-usable bags! Reusable bags

How much do they cost? Any where from a dollar to $10 or $15 if you are feeling fancy.

Where can you find them? Many stores sell them now…Trader Joes, Whole Foods, many more. And check the ad in this issue for some good looking ones to order online.

How long do they last? Forever also! But in a good way.

The downside? You just have to remember to have them on hand. It takes a little discipline, but it becomes a habit soon enough.

Personally, I remind myself that every plastic bag in circulation was put there by some ONE. Every time I make the choice to use re-usable bag, I know there is ONE less plastic bag in circulation. I picture what would happen if millions more people made the same choice. ONE at a time. It would definitely add up.  I call this the POWER OF ONE.

On the practical side…to make it happen… I keep a supply of bags in the trunk of my car and a stash of small ones in my handbag. Always there when I need them.