Reviews for Better Straws


If it’s the plastic in the straw we want to avoid, we have alternatives, including stainless steel, paper and bamboo! So, for a reality check, I looked at reviews of these products to see what happy customers had to say, and how they actually used their products. Here are their comments, taken right from Amazon. These products are available for purchase here.

Bamboo Straws

By Darcy Dorwart on April 16, 2017

I love these bamboo straws! They don’t melt like paper straws, and they don’t pollute like plastic straws. I carry one in my purse for those ice waters I get at restaurants. Really a great solution to the scourge of plastic straws dilemma.. thank you, Buluh!

Paper Straws

Great Quality and Design
By Anikka Albrite on April 20, 2017

Ever since I saw a video this year of a sea turtle gasping to breathe, due to a plastic straw stuck up its nose, I vowed to never use plastic straws again. The only difficulty with that decision was what was I going to do when I was eating out? I ordered these straws so I can carry them with me in my purse and keep some in my car. They are amazing! Great quality and I love that the company donates a portion of their profits to The Ocean Cleanup! Whenever I am eating out, I ask the person to not give me a straw, and I use my own. It is a small step, but I know it makes a difference, and for that, I am happy to help.

Stainless Steel Straws

Looking for the perfect straw?
By Elise1114 on May 31, 2017

I think I’ve finally found them! We love these straws. The cleaning wands are so helpful. I’ve thrown away more straws than I could count because I just couldn’t get them clean. These straws come with two wands that work perfectly for them. The color coding is great for kids. It helps them keep track of which drink is theirs. We also like the stoppers that help hold the straws in place, especially for the grandkids who tend to like to pull their straws out. The little protector at the top of the straws are great too if you don’t want to put your lips on the metal surface of the straw but we use them either way.