Friday, January 18, 2019
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Our Purpose

Our Goal

We want to work with our readers to preserve the planet, one step at a time. The best way for us to achieve this goal is to encourage individual awareness, and motivation to take action! The idea is that ingenuity and collective action got us here and it can also get us out.


  • Everyone wants to help; young and old!
  • We all like knowing that we are making a difference.
  • People can help without having to sacrifice much of their lifestyle.
  • Small actions made by a lot of people go a long way.
  • It is the age of information. That means our message can reach more people than ever, and we have the power to make a change.
  • Friends and family will be more likely to get involved with the availability of pertinent, digestible, empowering information.
  • Our readers will embrace action, knowing that they are personally an important part of the success of our mission.
  • It helps to feel a living connection with our planet, of which we are all a part.


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