Monday, December 11, 2017

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Big Kudos to Davis Pub in Annapolis!

I was there a few weeks ago getting carry out dinner after a fundraising sailboat race and was delighted to see all of our...

September 2017


Hilarious. Look it up! Actually, just look up! It’s that fabulous bird formation, Undulating, ululating movement in the sky! Some human type onlookers ascribe a predatory meaning...

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3 Steps to Fewer Plastic Water Bottles in the World

Here’s a fun fact. Technically, we can never run out of water. The water on earth doesn’t disappear; it stays in continuous circulation through...

June 2017

Who can Compost?

Who can compost? You can! Four things are required... A space A container Dry, “brown” compostable material “Green” or moist compostable material Build and they will come....

May 2017

Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips is an account run by a community of gardeners, to help gardeners! Visit this account to see pictures and tips from your...

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