My Own Compost Garden


Here I am with my very simple composting system. I received a free plastic frame that came rolled up in a cylinder, supplied by the county to encourage composting. I just set it up on the edge of the yard. I have had it for about a year. It has gotten a little floppy over time, but still provides an enclosure.

I collect all kitchen scraps (no scrap left behind!), dump them every few days, and add in weeds and yard clippings and dirt from potted plants. This month we pulled away the top layers to reveal incredible, dark, rich, compost below! That was a surprisingly fulfilling experience!

We harvested our prize and promptly spread it around the garden instead of fertilizer, feeling rewarded to have participated in nature’s cycle. Nothing was added to the landfill, no extra workload on transporting trash, no food waste, no methane gas contribution. Instead we contributed good soil to the earth, all the while eating and enjoying our food, just like always.


Here’s my super simple compost bin. It’s a plain plastic roll with holes in it provided by our county to encourage composting. It’s gotten bent up over the year I have been using it, but the compost stays inside. That’s the important part!


Here is my dog, Kohl, congratulating me on production of such nice, rich compost. Not that I did a lot besides providing the bin and the food!


And this is my little home garden, lucky recipient of our first batch of compost. I am spreading it around the veggies for fertilizer and soil enhancer. Nature coming full circle.