Kids’ Special Week: Bioluminescence!


Isn’t it nice that we can turn on lights in our houses? Light comes from our TV and computers and even our cars have lights so we can see at night. But what about the animals? They must live by natural daylight or moonlight or….their own light, which is called Bioluminescence.

Bioluminescence, or the ability of an organism to create light, is one of nature’s most amazing phenomena. It seems like something straight out of a science fiction story.

On land, fireflies and some fungi can do it, but bioluminescence is actually more common in the deep sea. Bacteria, jellyfish, starfish, clams, worms, crustaceans, squid, fish and sharks are just some of the groups of marine animals that have bioluminescent family members.
Bioluminescence, (or Nature’s way of bringing your own light) may help creatures find food, a mate, or help with self-defense.