It’s All About Bats!


Did you know that the greatest animal migration award on the planet goes to BATS! Yes. Fruit bats to be specific. An estimated 8 to 10 million of these raucous, flying mammals migrate to the Kasanka National Park in Zambia between October and December of each year, eating up to twice their body weight in food every night in the process, dispersing seeds across the countryside and pollinating fruits, including bananas, peaches, guavas, mangoes, avocado, figs, dates, papaya, almonds, cashew nuts, vanilla, tequila (from the agave plant), carob and more. Bats are credited with at least 60 percent of the seed dispersal of Africa’s rain forest trees, providing an important role maintaining that natural habitat.

Bats don’t limit their consumption to fruits. Some bats prefer insects but they still have a voracious appetite. Researchers speculate that bats may eat hundreds or thousands of insects every night, including mosquitoes, moths and beetles. How’s that for natural pest control!

Here’s a Cool Video on Bat Migration

And Here’s an Excellent Bat Video for Kids!