Did I Just Take a Bite of Water?


Uhhh…how much water was in that apple?

Watch this.

Did you realize that when you waste food, you waste water?
70% or more of globally accessible fresh water goes into agriculture.
By most estimates, we waste a good 30% of what’s grown.
That means we are also wasting a LOT of water.

It takes a lot of water to irrigate plants and provide what they need to grow. Animal based products require water to nourish the animals AND grow their food. Different foods have different “water footprints.”

For Example…
One slice of pizza represents 42 gallons of water!
18 gallons to create the flour
21 gallons went into the cheese
3 gallons were needed to make the sauce

A pound of lettuce?
30 gallons of water required.

A loaf of bread?
Soaked up 288 gallons of water.

A bar of chocolate?
Would you guess…317 gallons of water.

And a single egg?
It took 53 gallons of water to produce that one egg, between taking good care of the chickens and growing the grain that the chickens need for feed.

The real web of life draws no clear boundary between food and water. Cherish them both. Think twice before tossing them away.