Clever Straw Etiquette


Should you take the “Stop Sucking” challenge? Do you want to participate in “The Last Straw” movement? Or would you rather just do your little part for the planet without making a game of it? Any of these choices are good, since they all help to serve the same great purpose!

Personally, I think in terms of creating my own reality. In it, I have the fun of dining in style while having the satisfaction of making a positive impact at the same time.

When I write about these things, while doing the research and considering alternative suggestions, I think in terms of…is this realistic? Is this practical or even possible? Will people really do this? So I start with myself, and I realize over and over again that it all starts with my perception and my attitude. If I view the effort as a restriction, I feel angry. If I view the same effort as a creative opportunity, I feel challenged and get kind of excited. If you’re like me and wish to try this same approach, here are some helpful ways to tackle your new goal:

5 steps to reduce the use of straws

  1. Encourage restaurants and bars to serve straws only upon request.
  2. Use paper straws instead of plastic around the house.
  3. Invest in re-usable drink containers for children’s lunches.
  4. Get only what you need from a dispenser.
  5. Bring your own when you go to a restaurant, bar or coffee shop.